Surprises in Japan

Asia, Japan — By maggie on June 15, 2012 at 9:09 am
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Forest floor and the underground of Aokigahara

Image:  gomafringo/Flickr

Given that suicide attempts at rail stations are not so uncommon, it may or may not surprise you that Japan is home to the second most popular suicide location in the world.  Aokigahara a.k.a. the Suicide Forest is the site of over 200 suicide attempts per year according to latest statistics.  The macabre location has become such a draw to those who wish to take their lives that signs have been posted which attempt to deter death-seekers.

What you may not expect is that such a creepy place also holds some beautiful views.  Stunning glimpses of Mount Fuji can be found here.  Not to mention, there is an endless amount of caves beneath the “Sea of Trees” that add an extra mystical quality to this forest.

One thing to remember as you travel through Japan really holds true for all travel destinations:  expect the unexpected.

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