Top Travel Gear for Camera Protection

Gear Guide — By simon on June 27, 2012 at 11:11 am

There’s nothing more frustrating than reaching for your camera to capture that stunning mountaintop view only to discover that it hasn’t survived your travels. Sand or rain, knocks or drops, even spilled drinks in your rucksack can all lead to camera disaster. In order to make sure that you can always capture stunning photos you need to consider investing in some travel gear for camera protection. Here are your top options for camera cases, bags and crushproof boxes.

Pelican Cases

For anyone who is really serious about safeguarding camera equipment Pelican cases are a trustworthy option. You’ll find camera cases that are capable of withstanding bumps or vibration and protecting your camera from dust, moisture and even extreme temperature. Their indestructible range is quite expensive but they come with a lifetime guarantee and replacing a good quality camera will cost a lot more. The cleverly designed interiors can be configured to suit your equipment and they also offer great soft travel bags.

Case Logic

If you’d prefer something that’s easy to carry for everyday use then you’ll find a great range of holsters, slings and backpacks at Case Logic. There are options with all the compartments you’ll need for situations when you are travelling light or for when you want to take your camera and all of its accessories. Most of their offerings are nylon with memory foam protection, some are waterproof and they do also offer a hard shell case.

National Geographic Photography Bags

Perhaps you would prefer a classic look for your camera bag. What could be better than the National Geographic Africa Shoulder Bag? There’s plenty of room within and the cotton and polyester has been coated with polyurethane and a water repellant treatment. National Geographic offer a small range of reliable shoulder bags and rucksacks.

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