7 Ultra Luxurious Tent Hotels

Featured — By Rachel Greenberg on July 9, 2012 at 12:45 pm

4. El Capitan Canyon – Santa Barbara

Part campground, part resort, El Capitan has a little something for everyone. Hidden among the redwoods on the Santa Barbara coast, the resort has a few incredible tent cabins to choose from – including an on-site outdoor massage cabin.

Image: facebook.com/elcapcanyon/

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  • Gunnar E. Todal says:

    Wow, nice hotels. I like this kind of hotel which can let us enjoy the clean air and cool wind. Thanks for your sharing, I will try it if I am free.

  • SUrminga says:

    Oh my god, I have to visit Lattitude 131, that place looks amazing. Imagine waking up to that view


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