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5 Places in 4 Cities Where You Can Go Camping

General — By NileGuide Staff on July 25, 2012 at 9:15 am
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“Camping” and “city” aren’t words that are often found in the same sentence, but believe it or not, some of the world’s most densely populated cities also have some incredible campgrounds. Bonus? Few people know about them, so you’re likely to experience more solitude than you’d find in a remote national park. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. New York City: Floyd Bennett Field at Gateway National Recreation Area

Almost hidden in a tall stand of conifers and bushes that are wrapped in strands of fiery red and yellow bittersweet in the fall, the best campsites offer quiet and privacy and, just steps away, the waters of Jamaica Bay. In addition to year-round camping ($20 per night or $50 for 3 nights), Floyd Bennett Field, a part of the Gateway National Recreation Area (managed by the National Park Service), offers a number of activities, including bird watching, hiking, archery, and kayaking, which seem downright incongruous against Manhattan’s iconic skyline of skyscrapers, visible in the distance.

A campsite at Floyd Bennett Field.

A campsite at Floyd Bennett Field.

Image: Francisco Collazo

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