World’s Best Cities for Cycling

Around the World — By NileGuide Staff on August 16, 2012 at 9:55 am

2. Portland, Oregon, USA

Facebook fan Shani Lian Andreakis cast her vote for home turf: Portland, OR. Besides being bike-friendly in terms of infrastructure (bike lanes, parking spots, and city-wide cycling policies), Portland’s bike culture is pretty playful. There are bike-in movies (as opposed to, you know, drive-in flicks); the Portland Naked Bike Ride, which has had as many as 10,000 participants; zoobombing (Google it); and the annual Pedalpalooza, a three-week long festival dedicated to all things cycling.

Portland Oregon Bike

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  • Jane Graham says:

    You missed out one of the world’s biggest bicycling cities: Copenhagen. Bike paths, bike-friendly, bike tours, bike culture – and, of course, home to the amazing Christiania wooden cargo bikes.

  • Gina Vasquez says:

    HI. You’ve also missed out on Palma de Mallorca which has made great strides in creating a safe
    city for bicycling. Actually the whole island is a cycling paradise among elite cyclists who come from all over Europe to train. Their colorful jerseys are a common site on the interior and mountain roads from October to May.

  • JW says:

    Portland likes to pride itself on being such a bike popular and friendly city, but in reality it’s the idea of bikes that Portlanders like the most. Instead of biking MOST people just put bike friendly bumper stickers on their Subarus and drive everywhere. It’s an image there, but as much of a reality.

  • Lucy says:

    If only Santiago wasn’t so polluted…After riding my bike I always get a headache and a sore throat due to the contamination in the air…Much to do with the cars but also the geography of the city. It’s in a basin surrounded by mountains


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