5 Places to See Drive-in Movies in North America

General, North America — By NileGuide Staff on September 12, 2012 at 9:57 am
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We can all watch movies almost anywhere and anytime, thanks to our ubiquitous mobile devices, but nothing beats the old-school drive-in movie. Here are four places in North America where you can still see a drive-in movie.

1. Georgetown Drive-In, Georgetown, Indiana

One of the great things about drive-ins is that they inspire loyalty in a way that few indoor, chain-brand cinemas do. Check out Georgetown’s Facebook and Yelp pages, where fans and followers are effusively enthusiastic about the drive-in; comments like “I love this drive in!!!”; “Thanks for keeping this place going!”; “Best drive-in ever!” are characteristic of the interactions and feedback this drive-in receives. Clearly, there’s lots of local nostalgia for memories made here; this season, it was the site of vow renewals for a couple who had been married for 30 years.

Georgetown Drive-In features two screens, each of which shows two movies per night. Movies are as cheap as $5 if you print a coupon from Georgetown’s Facebook page. Like any good drive-in, this one has a concession stand, and it specializes in deep-fried velvet Twinkies.

Georgetown Drive-In

Georgetown Drive-In

Image: The Pug Father

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  • Traci says:

    We have not one, but two drive-in theaters here in the mid-Hudson Valley of NY. We go to the Overlook Drive-in in Poughkeepsie, or the Hyde Park Drive-in. GREAT family outing!

  • pen says:

    The Auburn-Garrett Drive-In just outside Garrett, IN (and near Auburn) on St. Rd. 8 just past the intersection with Rd. 327. Lots of families go here. The kids all really look forward to it.

  • Michael Kilgore says:

    You may be down to 16 or fewer. The Starlite in Sterling, Colorado, closed permanently just a few weeks ago, one of many victims of the upcoming digital projection requirement.


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