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Where the Hell is Matt?

Where the Hell is Matt? June 25, 2012 | Around the World, General, Offbeat, Travel Style | Read More
Photo courtesy of Where The Hell Is Matt Matt Harding has gained notoriety in the travel world as “that guy with the silly dance,” and after dancing all over the world since 2005, Matt’s released a fourth video. Check out some of the new places he’s been dancing at. How many of...

Summer Solstice Celebrations

Summer Solstice Celebrations June 14, 2012 | Around the World | Read More
Photo courtesy of Ricαrdo/Flickr Dancers in Ceará, Brazil compete in a traditional square dancing competition, part of the annual Festa Junina (June Festival) events held throughout Brazil. Celebrations include bonfires and fireworks, and revelers feast on corn dishes, as the festival coincides...

Odd Animals and Where to See Them

Odd Animals and Where to See Them June 5, 2012 | Around the World | Read More
The tarsier’s large eyes (about twice the size of human eyes) have no peripheral vision. When the tiny primates leap at prey, they do it with eyes tightly closed to protect them. Visit them at the Philippine Tarsier Foundation Sanctuary on the island of Bohol.