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Arctic Diving in Greenland

Arctic Diving in Greenland June 5, 2012 | Active/Outdoors, Denmark, Offbeat | Read More
Taking a diving trip in tropical waters can be very enjoyable, but it takes a real sense of adventure to dive the icy, blue waters that surround the largest island in the world. When you dive Greenland, you will be venturing where only a handful of divers have ever been. The 1,646 mile long island, which...

Greenland’s Glaciers Shrinking and Melting, Quickly

Greenland’s Glaciers Shrinking and Melting, Quickly July 16, 2010 | Travel News | Read More
Greek philosopher Heraclitus, predecessor to Socrates and all the rest, sums up the entirety of life in a few short words: “Change alone is unchanging.” In other words, everything that is, is always changing, never to be the same again. The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself....