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Where the Hell is Matt?

Where the Hell is Matt? June 25, 2012 | Around the World, General, Offbeat, Travel Style | Read More
Photo courtesy of Where The Hell Is Matt Matt Harding has gained notoriety in the travel world as “that guy with the silly dance,” and after dancing all over the world since 2005, Matt’s released a fourth video. Check out some of the new places he’s been dancing at. How many of...

Ancient Underwater City Discovered In Bali… Just Kidding

Ancient Underwater City Discovered In Bali… Just Kidding August 10, 2010 | Travel News | Read More
The mysteries of Atlantis have continued to confound researchers, historians, and conspiracy theorists for years. Supposedly written of gloriously by the ancients (notably Plato), and sought after by curious modern explorers, the lost city was reportedly a bastion of naval and technological prowess,...

Photo Friday: Just Dance

Photo Friday: Just Dance November 6, 2009 | Bali, Photo Friday | Read More
In which NileGuide destination was this photo taken? UPDATE 11/11: The photo was taken in Bali. Dance is particularly important to Balinese culture, and children are taught to dance by their mothers as early as 4 years of age. (See more Photo Friday fun here) [Photo: riza/Creative Commons]

Traveling with Forbidden Fruit

Traveling with Forbidden Fruit June 15, 2009 | Food Lovers | Read More
The U.S. Customs and Border Protection regrets that “it is necessary to take agricultural items from your baggage. They cannot be brought into the United States because they may carry animal and plant pests and diseases. Restricted items include meats, fruits, vegetables…” Okay. It’s...