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Incarcer-Vacations: 11 Prisons-Turned-Hotels

Incarcer-Vacations: 11 Prisons-Turned-Hotels October 30, 2010 | Culture/History, Featured, Offbeat | Read More
Anyone with even a slight appreciation of irony would enjoy knowing that hellish prisons around the world, closed down because of overcrowding and human-rights abuse, have reopened as posh hotels and kitschy hostels. Although it does merit a good chuckle, if you think about it the conversions totally...

NileGuide 5 with Kristin Luna

NileGuide 5 with Kristin Luna October 14, 2009 | NileGuide 5 | Read More
This week’s NileGuide 5 interview features travel writer Kristin Luna. Kristin inherited the travel bug from her own nomadic mother, but it wasn’t until she studied abroad at the University of Edinburgh in 2003–and, like many American in Europe, spent many months transversing the continent–that...