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Postcard Perfect: South Dakota Rodeo

Postcard Perfect: South Dakota Rodeo August 31, 2012 | Postcard Perfect | Read More
Rodeos are an important part of social and cultural life in many parts of the United States, including South Dakota, which hosts more than 100 rodeo events annually. This photo is from a recent barrel racing and bull riding rodeo at the McCrossan Boys Ranch in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Image: Francisco...

7 Totally Bizarre Mega-Statues

7 Totally Bizarre Mega-Statues December 14, 2011 | Featured | Read More
There’s something about a massive towering statue that both excites us and totally freaks us out. Their sheer size is mind boggling, their design questionable, and taste level…you’ll see what we mean. 1. Emperors Yan and Huang – Zhengzhou, Henan, China Image: Image:...

Crazy Horse Continues to Ride Strong

Crazy Horse Continues to Ride Strong September 9, 2011 | North America, Travel News, USA | Read More
Mount Rushmore may get all the glory, but there’s a bigger monument in town. The Crazy Horse, a monument currently being built to honor the Native American war leader, is only a twenty mile drive from Mount Rushmore. When completed, Crazy Horse will be six-hundred and forty-one feet wide and five-hundred...