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Top 10 World’s Best Waterfalls

Top 10 World’s Best Waterfalls October 21, 2009 | Top 5/10 Lists | Read More
From Palau to Venezuela to California, we present to you our top ten favorites of the world’s breathtaking vertical rivers: Angel Falls 1)      Angel Falls, Venezuela – Yes, the tallest is also the best. But not simply because of its neck-straining height of 3,000+ feet. No, it’s...

Under African Skies (Part 2)

Under African Skies (Part 2) October 3, 2008 | Africa | Read More
[To read the first part of this travelogue, check out Travelogues: Under African Skies (Part 1)] After our experience in South Luangwa, we flew a small plane south to the lower Zambezi river, where we landed on a dirt airstrip in some dry bush close to the river. From the air, the river was clearly the...