Abu Dhabi Cinemas

Things to Do — By randallparker on July 9, 2010 at 12:02 pm

Now that Abu Dhabi is firmly entrenched in the dog days of summer. the normal outdoor activities of more temperate months are severely curtailed. This obviously leaves diversions of the interior type where the hot, steamy air of nature is kept at bay by wonderful mechanically chilled air. So what’s to do besides shopping, eating and museums? I know….let’s go see a movie.

The theaters in Abu Dhabi are usually located in  malls and boast the latest in cinematic technology as each vies for its share of  movie-loving residents. One can find IMAX screens, Dolby audio systems and lately, the new RealD 3D projection systems.

There are some things that take getting used to when experiencing movies Abu Dhabi Style. The films have French and Arabic subtitles as well as censorship of nudity and sensitive political/religious subjects. Chances are you won’t tell the difference as these cuts are skillfully done. Lack of cell phone etiquette is sometimes evident.

To make up for these slights, the moviegoer has the choice of sitting in the Gold Class section. For a small premium over the normal ticker price, you get extra wide, reclinable seating complete with a call button to summon a waiter with an LED menu of full meals. It’s just like sitting at home in your own personal chair except here you have a butler at your beck and call. Oh, bring a sweater, the theaters set the air conditioners on the Arctic side.
Abu Dhabi Cinema