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Ramadan moon

Ramadan is set to start in Abu Dhabi August 11th. It is the holiest month in the Arabic calendar and is celebrated by Muslims worldwide. It is a time for penance, charity and introspection. Muslims practice fasting from dawn to dusk which means no eating, drinking, smoking or sex during the daylight hours. Each day after sunset,  the fast is broken by the Iftar, an evening meal of traditional Arabic dishes usually taken with family and friends. Ramadan is a very solemn month for Muslims.

In the United Arab Emirates as with most other middle eastern Muslim countries, it is illegal for anyone to ignore the daytime fasting rules, Muslim or not.  What this means for the visitor is one must refrain from public displays of the forbidden activities. If you are staying in a hotel, things are pretty much business as usual and although you may find restaurant windows screened off from public view you can still get breakfast and lunch. Care must be taken when outside the confines of the hotel, though.  Many local businesses keep abbreviated hours during Ramadan, too.

It is possible to have a great vacation in Abu Dhabi during Ramadan, but there are better times of the year to visit. Everyday activities are just more difficult during this time for many reasons and being hypoglycemic and dehydrated doesn’t help matters. Best to come during the cooler months anyway.

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