Enjoying a Sfogliatella in Amalfi

Food — By Laura Thayer on November 29, 2010 at 7:25 am

One of my favorite times to be in Amalfi is on Sunday mornings during the autumn and winter months. There’s a happy and relaxed atmosphere with families out and about for a walk before the traditional (and big!) Sunday lunch. It’s even better when the sun comes out. Children, dressed in their Sunday best,  run up and down the seaside promenades burning off energy and entertaining their parents. The pasticcerie, or pastry shops, are particularly busy on Sunday mornings. The shops are full of people oohing and ahhhing as they pick out their desserts to be wrapped up in pretty bundle with ribbons. A beautifully wrapped package of pastries is one of the most traditional gifts to bring when you’re invited to someone’s house for lunch in this part of Italy. And the selection is tantalizing!

Amalfi Coast Blog Sflogliatella

Last Sunday while enjoying the beautiful November weather in Amalfi, I stopped by Pasticceria Pansa, one of my favorite pastry shops in Amalfi, to see the Sunday morning hubbub. But, I couldn’t leave without this lovely sfogliatella, which I enjoyed while strolling up and down the promenade overlooking the Marina Grande beach. The sfogliatella is a traditional Neapolitan pastry that has a crunchy outer shell and is filled with ricotta cheese mixed with candied fruits and a touch of cinnamon. I couldn’t resist taking a bit before I got the camera out!

Amalfi Coast Blog Pasticceria Andrea Pansa

Pasticceria Pansa is located in the Piazza Duomo, just a few steps from the base of the grand staircase leading up to the Duomo of Amalfi. Inside, Pansa is beautifully decorated with wood, mirrors and elegant displays of desserts, chocolates and candies. It is also a full café, and the tables in the piazza are a wondeful spot for watching daily life in Amalfi. Try a sfogliatella when you visit Pasticceria Pansa, or any of their wonderful pastries or desserts!

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  • LindyLouMac says:

    It almost feels that I am really there again reading this, I can almost taste the pastry, thankyou Laura.

  • Laura from Ciao Amalfi says:

    Ciao Linda! You are most welcome … wish you were here and we could enjoy sfogliatelle and a nice talk at a café in Amalfi. Hopefully one day!

  • Tony Testa says:

    What a beautiful description of Sundays in Amalfi. Our family visited Amalfi back in ’06 and on the
    recommendation of an older family member who had gone to Amalfi 25 years earlier we visited
    Andrea Pansa. What a treat! I know it will be there next time we are blessed with a visit! Ciao

  • Tony Testa says:

    Please excuse me. I addressed you as Linda. The thought of those sfogliatella was too much!!

  • Laura Thayer says:

    Ciao Tony! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experiences in Amalfi. Andrea Pansa is one of my favorite pastry shops in Amalfi – because they make delicious treats and the interior is so gorgeous. Hope you and your family will be back to the Amalfi Coast again soon!

  • Laura Thayer says:

    Haha! Yes, sfogliatelle have a way of making you forget about everything else! 🙂


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