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Food — By Laura Thayer on February 13, 2011 at 5:35 pm

What better day than Valentine’s Day to tell you about the Ciccolato Andrea Pansa chocolate shop in Amalfi? If you’ve been in Amalfi’s lively Piazza Duomo, then you’ve likely spotted the Pasticceria and Café Andrea Pansa, which has been a fixture in the town’s piazza life since its founding in 1830. The pasticceria (pastry shop) has been making chocolate along with Neapolitan staples, like sfogliatelle and baba, for generations. A few years ago the pasticceria opened a little shop dedicated to their wonderful chocolates just across the Piazza Duomo in what used to be a fruit and vegetable shop. It’s small, cute and oh so tempting!

Chocolate Amalfi Coast

Step inside and you’ll be tempted even more by the display case filled with chocolates and one of the local specialties – candied citrus peels dipped in chocolate. Try the lemon peels from the Amalfi Coast or (my favorite!) the slices of locally grown mandarin oranges. I love that they are only half dipped in dark chocolate so you can still taste the tart and sweet flavor of the citrus coming through.

Candied Citrus Chocolate Amalfi

You’ll find all types of chocolate bars, including excellent dark chocolate, milk chocolate and a very good white chocolate. Try the flavors plain or mixed with peperoncino, lemon, whole hazelnuts and many other varieties. Looking for something for your sweet? The Cioccolato Andrea Pansa shop was getting ready for San Valentino when I stopped by the other day, and I had to take a photo of their “Love Me” chocolate letters in dark, milk and white chocolate. Or, what’s more appropriate than a chocolate cell phone with “T.V.B” on it? (That stands for Ti Voglio Bene, or I Love You.)

San Valentino Chocolate Amalfi Coast

Before I travel back to America, I always stop by Cioccolato Andrea Pansa to pick up requests and presents for friends and family. The chocolate is so good that nearly everyone I have ever given it to has asked me to bring them more the next time! If you’re shopping for a unique souvenir in Amalfi on your next visit, be sure to stop by Cioccolato Andrea Pansa.

Andrea Pansa Cafe Piazza Duomo

You’ll find the chocolates (and other temptations!) on sale in the Pasticceria and Café Andrea Pansa, which is also a great spot to enjoy piazza life on a sunny day. The pasticceria was founded in 1830 and is still family run, very appropriately, by Andrea Pansa.

Pasticceria Amalfi

To complete your chocolate tour of Amalfi, head over to the nearby Piazza Municipio where you’ll spot another awning with “Cioccoclato” written across the top. This is where all the chocolate has been made for Andrea Pansa for the past 10 years. When the kitchen is busy, just follow your nose to the laboratorio and take a peek inside at the production.

Chocolate Factory Amalfi

Buon San Valentino from Amalfi!

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  • Laura says:

    YUM!!! Your post brings back wonderful memories!!! Last time I was in Amalfi, Chiara and I visited BOTH shops and enjoyed the choco covered candied oranges and the sfogliatelle from the pastry shop……………..will be there soon again and can’t wait to return!! LOVE the chocolate shop!!!

  • Laura Thayer says:

    So happy to bring back nice (and tasty!) memories from Amalfi!! 🙂 Those are two of my favorite sweets to enjoy in Amalfi. Look forward to meeting you on your next visit to Amalfi!

  • Chef Chuck says:

    Hello Laura, This great chocolate from1830 ! Love that Chocolate!!
    Enjoying your articles, love your writing 🙂
    Thank you.

  • Laura from Ciao Amalfi says:

    Ciao Chuck! I thought you might have stopped by there during your visit in Amalfi! 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words!


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