It’s Tulip Time! – Visiting Keukenhof Gardens

Kid Friendly, Things to Do, Travel Tips — By Anna Bandurska on April 6, 2010 at 7:35 pm

April is tulip time in Holland! Many visitors to the Netherlands come to see the country’s famous tulips, and the most famous garden of all is Keukenhof. April and May are the most popular times to visit, but if the weather is warm the tulips will bloom early, so visiting in mid April is ideal. Keukenhof gardens are open March 18 to May 16, 2010.
Known as the “Garden of Europe,” Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden. I visit Keukenhof every year, and my first thought when I step through the gates is always: “Wow, this is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!”
The flowers are arranged in amazing patterns, the most common being a river of blue flowers flowing through a rainbow of others. The gardens also have multiple indoor greenhouses with various exhibitions showcasing award winning blossoms. There are indoor and outdoor art installations, and for younger visitors a petting zoo, labyrinth and working windmill. You can climb the windmill for a nice view of the gardens and surrounding tulip fields which look like grounded rainbows.
Keukenhof is located near the town of Lisse, and you can reach it conveniently from Amsterdam by public transportation. From Amsterdam’s Centraal Station, take a train to the airport Schiphol (there are trains every 10 minutes). From there, transfer to one of the special Connexxion busses that run directly to Keukenhof every 15 minutes. Check to plan your route.
The gardens are full of tourists, and are likely to be crowded during the peak season of April and May, but it’s well wroth a visit. Plan a full day to wander around the gardens, greenhouses, and other attractions. The neighboring tulip fields are also open to the public.


  • Amber says:

    Oh my God… I went there in april for the first time of my life and I was so dissappointed! Of course the flowers are beautiful and it smells delicious, but I’d seen it after 10 minutes. It was so extremely crowded, no dutch people, just tourist.. And I thought it was extremely expensive for jut a bunch of flowers! I prefer a nice park, where I can actually lay down in the grass or a walk in the dunes, with no people around. I ended up in the childrensplayground.

  • Anna Bandurska says:

    Yes, Keukenhof, like most tourist attraction in the Netherlands is extremely crowded. It’s unavoidable when you cram so many people into a small amount of space. But the charm of Keukenhof is in the slow perusal of all the different flower types on display, both indoors and out – it really is a place for connoisseurs. If you hate the crowds, make sure you check out the surrounding tulip fields, which are spectacular and vast!

  • greensboro discount broker says:

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  • Ali says:

    Wow..wonderful place.. I just want to ask is there any chance to see tulip fields in summer?
    I am planning to visit Netherlands in summer 2011 and I know Keukenhof is open in Spring but want to know if there is any chance or place to see tulip park or field.

    Thnak you for the nice post!.

  • Anna Bandurska says:

    Unfortunately, the tulip season is short and usually lasts from mid April to mid May; summer is too late to see tulip fields. Sorry!

  • john says:

    may i know, if i go on mid of april 2011, is there still have tulip flower for me to visit??????


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