Amsterdam’s Famous 5 Euro Pizza Place – Eating Cheap and Eating Well!

Food — By Anna Bandurska on June 9, 2010 at 4:58 pm

Finding a nice lunch that’s going to ring you in at around 5 euros isn’t always easy in Amsterdam. You can always go to a McDonald’s or Burger King, but you’re going to spend more than what you’re used to at home, and the service will be incredibly slow. That being said, fast food in Amsterdam isn’t always your best and cheapest option.

If you’re looking for a great meal on a shoestring budget, the place to go is the 5 Euro pizza place. It’s actually called Porto Carrara, but the “5 Euro Pizza” signs have become more effective advertising than the store name itself, and the locals now refer to the place by its price.

The menu contains entrees and salads, but the main reason to go here is to get a 5 Euro pizza or pasta. And yes, all of the pizzas and pastas on the menu are indeed 5 Euros. You also have to purchase a drink with your meal, but a glass of soda, wine or beer will cost you around 2 Euros.

The great thing about this place isn’t just the price; your food is always fresh and you can expect an excellent thin-crust Italian style pizza.  Conveniently located on one of the quiet side-streets off the busy Leidseplein, you can sit on the patio and enjoy a view of one of Amsterdam’s scenic streets.   The place is very popular with locals and tourists alike, so turnover is high and food is fresh and fast (by Amsterdam standards that is – still reserve at least 45 minutes for the dining experience).



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