The Rave After The Rubble – Amsterdam’s Best Underground Club

Nightlife, What's New — By Anna Bandurska on August 4, 2010 at 9:12 pm

One of Amsterdam’s most famous clubs was Club 11, which was located (surprise) on the 11th floor in one of Amsterdam’s tallest buildings. The building is currently being torn down, so the club was forced to close its doors. Having been conveniently located next to Centraal Station, Club 11 was very popular, drawing crowds on merit of its location and therefore cutting corners on other aspects that should go into creating a good clubbing experience. Thus, the venue was always packed, despite the fact that drinks and entry were expensive and queues were long.

However, after the building’s closure, some of the individuals involved with Club 11 opened a new club: Trouw. Trouw (which means “loyal” in Dutch) has quickly become one of Amsterdam’s most famous underground clubs, and the result is refreshing.

Still super popular, with club nights selling out in advance or queues forming well into the night, yet once inside, the club is never packed. Plenty of raised platforms make for excellent dance space, while stools and tables provide a chill out area if you’re planning a long night out. Best of all, the venue makes use of its industrial architectural tone, enhancing it with lights creating a truly underground experience.

Despite being so popular, Trouw has managed to retain an alternative, underground feel that most popular clubs lose as soon as they’re famous. Perhaps this is because it’s located outside the city center, making it more difficult to get to and therefore drawing a more committed party crowd. Trouw has only been open for a couple of years; maybe if you give it a few more it’ll become more mainstream. Until then though, Trouw is the best underground club in Amsterdam.