Cycling Tips for Amsterdam’s Snowy Streets

Travel Tips, What's New — By Anna Bandurska on December 12, 2010 at 12:50 pm

If you’re cycling around Amsterdam on a snowy day, here are a few tips to keep you from skidding into a canal:

1.  Brake gradually, which means you’ll probably have to cycle slowly.  Hitting the breaks hard will cause you to lose control.  Braking gradually is especially important if you have a bike with back-pedal brakes.

2.  Wear gloves – the handle bars and wind can be numbingly cold, and it’s hard to brake when you can’t feel your hands.

3.  If you’re lock is stuck and you can’t get your key in, you may have to buy some grease.  Shops like the HEMA and Blokker along the Nieuwendijk and Kalverstraat should have some.  If you’re not close to any shops or its late, you can also go to a restaurant and ask for some cooking oil.  If you’re nice and explain that your bike is stuck, they’re usually helpful.

4.  If your lock is just frozen, heating up the key with a lighter can help too.

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