A Lot of Fun in a Little Town

What's New — By Lia Del Priore on October 22, 2010 at 8:12 pm

Just because Asheville’s a little town doesn’t mean it doesn’t know how to party like a city twice its size!  If you’re looking for a down-to-earth introduction to what this town’s all about, look no further than Jack of the Wood.  A local favorite for both the young and old,  it’s here you’ll find the meat of the town.  Located near the center town just a bit outside of Pack Square, this earthy pub is where you can get beer that’s brewed on site.  Jack of the Wood, also known as Green Man, is the area’s local deity that appeared on the scene somewhere around the 2nd Century AD.  Legend has it that this particular deity is the ruler of fertility, nature, death, and rebirth (not a small job).  This cozy Celtic pub is where you can find the home of Green Man Brewing, one of the more popular English ale brewing companies in the area.  The bar is dark, but not dingy, creating a distinctly Old World feel.  This is one of the best spots in town to mingle with the people who live here full-time.  Even though the bar is full of locals, you’ll be astounded at how friendly the entire town is.  Every night of the week is something a little different.  On Monday nights, catch Trivia Night, a widely popular event with the locals.  On weekends, you can catch some fantastic live music that ranges from Irish tunes to a more local-mountainy vibe.  During the week, you’ll find bands with fiddles galore, which add to the informal and earthy atmosphere.  If you’re in the mood for a bar that lets you kick back and take off your shoes while drinking a pint, this is certainly the place.  If you’re hungry, there is a great range of delicious pub food, featuring some items that are actually made with the beer that’s brewed on site.  All food is local, fresh, and in season for the local area.