Aspen Mountain 2010 Extended Weekends

Things to Do, What's New — By James Dziezynski on April 8, 2010 at 10:25 pm

While the official closing date for Aspen Mountain is April 11th, the mountain is going to be open on April 17-18 and April 24-25. Read more about the extended hours here.  Last year, Colorado had substancial snowfall in April after most of the major resorts had closed. Nothing beats riding on soft corn snow in t-shirts and shorts!

If last year’s weather trends repeat this year, Aspen may be saving the best skiing of the season for sunny, spring fun! And if that’s not incentive enough, remember the daylight is longer, so you can lounge at some of the apres ski areas (like Ajax tavern) and work on your tan. There’s still all the good energy and fun crowds waiting, so if you haven’t quite had your ski fix by the end of April, get out there for a couple more weekends of fun on the slopes.

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