Photo Friday: Archaeology Under Foot

Photo Friday, Things to Do — By Paige Moore on October 1, 2010 at 4:33 pm

Archaeology holds the throne of importance in Athens, and if it gets in the way of other things, well tough beans, buddy.  The long awaited New Acropolis Museum was no exception. When several layers of ancient cities were discovered during the early parts of construction, the rest of the world was asked to wait three decades for the museum’s grand debut while the experts took a closer look at what they had and make necessary changes. Rather than muck with an ideal location directly across from the Acropolis itself, the architects and archaeologists collaborated to form a compromise. The building was hoisted up and transparent flooring laid throughout the length of the museum. Now, along with the exceptional exhibitions such as the Archaic gallery and the authentic caryatides, visitors can watch the ongoing excavation by just looking past their feet.

“And it helps us remember that some day, someone will be walking on top of us, too,” said an insightful museum-goer.

An archaeologist ponders some stones while a tourist makes way to the museum entrance.

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