Photo Friday: Flisvos Marina and the Averof

Local Flavor, Photo Friday — By Paige Moore on November 5, 2010 at 7:44 pm

The afternoon was wearing on and the weather was changing, so it was time for the sailing school to put an end their open water course. They tacked their boats and pulled them into the harbor at Flisvos Marina under the watchful eye of Greece’s most formidable armored cruiser of the 20th century, the Averof.

She patrolled the Aegean, sailed to Constantinople, Alexandria and Cairo, leading the Hellenic fleet in every Naval battle from 1912 until 1956 when she was relieved of duty. Since 1984 she has rested peacefully, a floating museum in Faliron bay, where  the locals of Kallithea and Faliro have made the 2004 Olympic infrastructures their playground by the sea.

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