Great Places to Pop the Question in Athens

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Maybe you’re just on a romantic trip in Athens, Greece, or maybe you’ve met someone and have had a whirlwind romance, the kind written about in beach blanket paperbacks. Whatever the case, you’ve got something to say to someone you’re quite fond of and you want to do it in a way that will have your children and their children after retelling the story again and again. I can’t give you the words, but I can offer you some fairly sound advice on where to set the stage.

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Areopagos Hill

While having rather nefarious beginnings as the site of Murder trials, Areopagos Hill has become a lively place in the evenings where you can sit high above the glimmer of city lights and stare at the moon. Eucalyptus and Olive trees scent the air, the Acropolis gleams golden to the right,  and distant music from the old city provides the soundtrack, should you have come without your own.

Lycabettus (Lykavittos), likewise, is a high place (the highest, in fact) with a gorgeous view. On the tippy top is the pretty white church of St. George, but we’re aiming a bit lower, near the cavey shrine of Agii Isidori, where there are a few lonely benches that gaze outward over the city. Whether you get a positive or negative response, both are occasions for a followup drink in a Kolonaki establishment. Positive: Get a table for two at friendly Cafe Boheme on Omirou Street. Negative: Take a separate taxi to Low Profile and sidle up on a stool for some melancholy blues and a wisened bartender.

Apostolou Pavlou or Areopagitou street

This one might require a bit of planning, but Apostolou Pavlou and Areopagitou streets, the cobblestone roads that lead around the Acropolis and from Thissio to lower Ermou, are full of talented street musicians in the evening. Give a few coins, request something special, and enjoy the performance. Alternatively take a ride on the Sunshine Express and ask the driver beforehand to blend the question in with the other bits of important information announced over the train’s loudspeaker.

The Acropolis

Ensure the romance of the city’s most spectacular site by dodging the rush hour in the middle of the day. By *5pm, the crowds have all moved on and you can amble along the temple grounds at a more leisurely pace.

*According to Summer hours. during Winter, the site closes by 3:30 but is relatively crowd-free.

Flisvos Park

Take a stroll along the water, sit along the harbor and watch the yachts pass by. Or be on one yourself. Whatever your budget, sunset at Flisvos puts the mind at ease and stirs the soul.

Temple of Poseidon at Sounio

Maybe the most romantic place in Attica, the temple of Poseidon sits high on a rock overlooking the Aegean where somewhere down low, the sea god himself is cozying up with his sea nymph bride, Amphitrite. Hire a private taxi tour to take you down as public transportation in Athens can really wreck the mood. Sip on a frothy cappuccino at the Naos cafe and then ascend to the cape of questioning.

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Click on any of the above links to be directed to NileGuide for practical information on accessing the places as well as visiting hours and admission fees.

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  • Aρης says:

    Ok..ok…ok…I’ll share one — oh no, no I can’t! It’s too good!!! : )

    this post though was like a short-story romance in itself!!

    … makes me want to try every location…or start a new multi-step proposal tradition…like a day long event moving through dozens of memorable romantic spots which just keep celebrating Yes! Yes! Of course!

    1st location:
    “Will you…”
    “Yes! Yes! Of course!”

    2nd location:
    “Are you sure?”
    “What????? Yes!!! Of course! Get up! You’re so cute…I said of course! I love you!”

    3rd location:
    “Remember that time when I __ are you sure you want to live with someone like that?”
    “Yes! Of course I do!! I love it it when you do that…sometimes. On leap years, February 29th.”

    4th location:
    “Ok, ok, I just want to be sure….”
    “Oh now you’re being silly. Is this going to go on all day?? Let me think about it.”

    5th location:
    “Honey I thought you were getting off the Sunshine Express! Where are you? I’m so nervous…still.”
    “Right behind you. And yes, the answer is and always will be yes.”
    “Even on February 29th?”

    : )

    fun post, great ideas

  • Aρης says:

    5th location…(speaking on a cell phone)


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