Photo Friday: Football Feud

Events, Local Flavor, Things to Do — By Paige Moore on February 26, 2011 at 1:20 am

The picture below might have you suspecting that Athens has been burned to the ground. No, no… it’s just the Olympiakos fans of legendary Thira 7, or Gate 7, doing their primeval war dance before a game against their hated rivals, Panathinaikos, the football club of Athens. The “Red and White” club of Piraeus was declared victorious in their home stadium last Saturday; the southern city burst into a cacophony¬† of fireworks and car horns as they’d taken one cleated step closer to the Greek championship.

Fans in legendary gate seven light up the sky

Fans in legendary gate seven light up the sky

Sitting in with the fanatics at a football match in Athens will certainly be something to remember: If you want to see an Olympiakos game, you’ll go to the Karaiskakis stadium in Pireaus. Panathinaikos temporarily plays in the new Olympic stadium in the north. If you’re curious about the gladiator-like spectacle which is an Olympiakos vs Panathinaikos game, you’d be better off sidling onto a stool at a neighborhood kafeneion or sports bar for the reasons of cost, ticket availability, and quite frankly, it’s safer.

Read about the outcome of the game on Athens News Online.

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