Photo Friday: Human Statue in Preparation

Photo Friday — By Paige Moore on April 8, 2011 at 2:48 pm

The best and worst thing about Athens is you just don’t know what to expect when you turn a corner. Walking through Plaka today the surprise was for the best: a woman preparing to become a human statue (and being filmed in the meantime) framed against a heavy paneled door and yellow stucco facade of a Neoclassical building, archetypal of the historic neighborhood. The winter chill finally seeming to have been chased by the sun, street performers like her are coming out en masse.

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  • Aρης says:

    Wow Paige!! My favorite Friday Photo yet…you captured so much: the personality, theatre, technique, possible desperation and loneliness — just filled with thought. What a perfect photo.

    Congratulations Paige, absolutely beautiful. You have an eye for character.

  • Aρης says:

    “possible desperation and loneliness”…or ecstasy and joy in sharing her art…a perfect image like this makes me want to speak with its subject, ask questions, find out more…

    what a lovely thought-provoking photo

  • amanda says:

    a lovely quiet moment

  • Aρης says:

    this has _got_ to be part of a movie — just electric!!!!

    pouring out story…..


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