The Latest Addition to the Venizelos Airport

Food, Travel Tips — By Paige Moore on April 30, 2011 at 3:50 pm

If your plans in Athens involve a hostel, apartment, camper, charter yacht or sailboat, you’re going to be happy about the new addition to the Arrivals level: a traditional “pandopoleion” stocked with locally made dry goods, American cereals, fresh fruit, cheeses, meat, olives, beer, wine, herbs, salt, toilet paper… you’re getting the idea. It’s a one stop shop for necessary things but more importantly, the prices are competitive with the supermarkets outside of the airport. You heard that right, folks: you’re not being robbed because you’re buying goods from the airport. Surprised? Let me add that prices are displayed on little chalkboards, samples and tastes offered on old fashioned butcher blocks. The staff is friendly, the lighting is flattering, and studies show that shopping there increases your happiness level by .9%

Arrivals level (lower floor) past the B terminal.

Shopping like a local:

Stock up on cheese and stretch yourself beyond the world famous Greek feta. Try creamy, mild manouri or brined and barrel-aged cheese called touloumotyri. Olives, onions, tomatoes, canned sardines and twice baked bread called paximadia are all perfect complements to ouzo. Nuts from the island of Aegina, Tsakis oregano potato crisps and Yemista chocolate cookies go well with a good Greek beer like Fix or Mythos. Certainly the most important things on the list: Nescafe and refined, white sugar.

Modern Greek women save time with frozen favorites such as premade tiropita.

This is an excellent brand of traditional Greek products made in the Athens area. These toasts are great for breakfast with butter and greek honey.

Yemista cookies, the Greek equivalent to Oreos, have been around since the 1950's.

For more on shopping like a local check out the past Local Flavor article, Σουπερμαρκετ Sweep.

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  • Aρης says:

    First, the best thing about this article is that if we know we have no happiness we can always go to the Venizelos airport in Greece and attain .9% happiness at minimum…this is a good thing, between a new war in Libya, whatever is going on with Syria, and endless tornadoes throughout the Southeast of America, at least we are guaranteed a base of .9% in Athens.

    Second, could you write a bit more about chartering a yacht or sailboat sometime Paige? Especially whether a person can rent a moderately sized boat for sailing by one’s own command, without a crew…And the theatre, so many of your friends are involved with the theatre and it’s tradition is so deep in Athenian culture, many of your readers would be very interested in reading a few articles specifically about plays and theatrical productions, contemporary and ancient, in Athens. (If you don’t mind a request…I would rather read about Greek theatre through your colorful writing than other less lively sources any day, as I’m sure would others….I am excited with anticipation! : )


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