Best museums for children

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Fun for families at the Acropolis Museum, Dionysiou Areopagitou 15,  where kids can borrow  a special backpack with three different  games: a search for the goddess Athena amongst the museum exhibits following a special map with 12 stickers,  memory game about the goddess Athena with her figure designed on 9 pairs of cards and an observation game with the symbols of the goddess of wisdom. The games are combined with the digital application ‘Athena, the goddess of the Acropolis’ a virtual tour aiming at introducing viewers to the various representations of the goddess. Some of the most important sculptures of the Acropolis with subjects from the mythology of the goddess are included. and

The Museum of Greek Children’s Art, 9 Kodrou str. Plaka is centred on art created by children and visitors can see drawings and three-dimensional artwork created by children from 4 to 14 years of age. The collections include 5.000 works from entries to the art contests held and also creations from the workshops which are organized often. Recent exhibitions include ‘if trees could speak’, ‘a child’s right to expression’ both until May 2012 and ‘hand in hand with Miro’ until July 2012. The interactive section offers the possibility to enjoy games, fairytales and books, which help to approach the exhibits in a more stimulating way. t. 210 3312621

The Cycladic Art Museum Neofytou Douka 10, organizes craft and creative workshops on weekends in which English speaking children can also take part. The collections of the Museum are used as a source of inspiration for the children’s artworks, using simple materials like clay and papier mache. Younger children can follow a creative workshop with theatrical play, story-telling and artistic activity learning to socialize and develop their skills. Older children will enjoy the art workshop using their imagination and paints, collage, dough to create works inspired from the collections. t. 210 7228321

The Goulandris Museum of Natural History. Levidou 13, Kifissia,  centred on the study and conservation of the environment, offers children the possibility to wander through the galleries observing the wide collection of marine biology, insects, minerals, zoology and botanology, with thousands of specimens, widening their knowledge of the fascinating natural world. School groups visit daily, and the young visitors are always enthusiastic about their experience, especially the exhibits regarding animals and birds.  t. 210 8015870

The Hellenic Children’s Museum, Kydathineon 14, Plaka, is very popular with young visitors, who enjoy the exhibits and the possibility to develop their observation skills, learn more about the cultural heritage and understand everyday life through games. Children can play at shops, learn to cook, play at maths, paint, journey through time, learn about movement and much more. Children under six years love the playroom where they can play with building blocks and visitors of all ages appreciate the toyshop with original toys and handmade objects. t. 210 3312995


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