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bars with great food

bars with great food January 21, 2012 | Food, Nightlife | Read More
Stavlos,  at Thission, Iraklidon 10, is a lively locale, situated in a space which combines traditional elements with bright colors and the menu is mainly based on Mediterranean tastes with fresh aromatic herbs. The restaurant is open from 1 p.m until 1 a.m. The external yard is a cool corner in the...

Affordable beach resorts

Affordable beach resorts January 11, 2012 | Hotels, What's New | Read More
Paros has been a popular vacation resort for many decades and is a short trip by ship from Athens. White Cycladic architecture, excellent seafood, lively nightlife and great beaches are a guarantee for an unforgettable holiday. Hotel Hippocampus is situated in picturesque Naoussa and combines cosmopolitan...

top 10 off the beaten path things to do

top 10 off the beaten path things to do December 26, 2011 | Off the Beaten Path, Things to Do | Read More
Visit artistic, handcrafted  book binder Mariana Kiliakou at her studio on Harilaou Trikoupi 38, in the neighborhood of Exarchia and find out all the secrets of this ancient art. Books are bound with special thread and then are covered in leather or cloth. Marianna decorates  book covers with sculptured...

Best dessert spots

Best dessert spots December 24, 2011 | What's New | Read More
  Athens offers a variety of excellent shops for desserts, some in oriental style with syrupy sweets, but mainly western style, with French or international influence. For the best lemon pie, try ‘All about lemon’ in Nea Erithrea, close to Kifissia. Crunchy lemon bites with pastry and cream,...

Best wine bars

Best wine bars December 23, 2011 | Food, Nightlife | Read More
‘Oinoscent’ a friendly and cool wine bar and wine shop on central Voulis str, just 200 mtrs from Syntagma,  is one of the best places for enjoyable wine tasting. The owners, with a wide experience of wines, will offer their advice on which variety to choose. Greek wines and also labels from all...

Top 5 new restaurants

Top 5 new restaurants December 22, 2011 | Food, What's New | Read More
  «Avocado – food for life», a new vegan restaurant opened recently on 30 Nikis street at a very convenient location near Syntagma and Plaka. The people behind the well-known NYSY Studios for yoga and pilates, situated just across the road, are the creators of these tasty veggie snacks and...

Best ski resort hotels

Best ski resort hotels December 21, 2011 | Hotels | Read More
In summer Greece is one of the best places to enjoy the beach and the sun, however northern Greece offers many interesting opportunities to enjoy skiing and accommodation in excellent hotels.   Arachova, on the slopes of Parnassos, and very close to the archeological site of Delphi http://odysseus.culture.gr/h/1/eh151.jsp?obj_id=3404...

Best Italian cuisine

Best Italian cuisine November 30, 2011 | Food | Read More
Aglio, oglio e peperoncino, Porinou 13, near the Acropolis Museum, t. 210 9211801 is a small, cosy trattoria which promises a unique culinary experience. Special attention is paid to the quality of all ingredients, and all plates are freshly prepared. The menu suggestions are from all over Italy and...

Best museums for children

Best museums for children November 30, 2011 | Things to Do | Read More
Fun for families at the Acropolis Museum, Dionysiou Areopagitou 15,  where kids can borrow  a special backpack with three different  games: a search for the goddess Athena amongst the museum exhibits following a special map with 12 stickers,  memory game about the goddess Athena with her figure designed...

Best hotel spas

Best hotel spas November 30, 2011 | Hotels, Things to Do | Read More
Best Hotel Spas Thalasso Spa Center at Mare Nostrum hotel, very near to the archeological site of Vravrona on the east coast of Attica, just 12 km from the airport. The tradition of ancient Greek baths with the therapeutic qualities of the sea offer a unique combination of vitality. For total pampering,...
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