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Photo Friday: Flisvos Marina and the Averof

Photo Friday: Flisvos Marina and the Averof November 5, 2010 | Local Flavor, Photo Friday | Read More
The afternoon was wearing on and the weather was changing, so it was time for the sailing school to put an end their open water course. They tacked their boats and pulled them into the harbor at Flisvos Marina under the watchful eye of Greece’s most formidable armored cruiser of the 20th century,...

Athens Outdoor Cinemas

Athens Outdoor Cinemas August 29, 2010 | Local Flavor, Nightlife, Romantic, Things to Do, What's New | Read More
Athens is steaming in August, so it’s a pity to lose even one moment of the evening cool. That’s why you see Athenians loitering nightly in outdoor cafes, tavernas, rooftop gardens and cinemas… cinemas? Yes! Come summertime, Athenians watch their movies in the fresh night air with a...

Photo Friday: Souvlaki in Flisvos Park

Photo Friday: Souvlaki in Flisvos Park July 31, 2010 | Food, Local Flavor, Nightlife, Photo Friday | Read More
Flisvos Park , in the coastal suburb of Paleo Faliro, is the perfect place to sit while the sun and moon commence with the changing of the guard. The grounds of the Cine Flisvos open air cinema are set with wooden tables and canvas-covered chairs that steadily fill with each passing hour. Couples enjoy...