Winter Packing List for a Trip to Atlanta

What's New — By Claudine Williams on November 3, 2011 at 11:36 pm

Photo by Andrew Kalat

Don’t let the name Hotlanta fool you. Temperatures dip during the winter months in Atlanta. Visitors who plan to spend time in Atlanta during the winter months should be sure to come prepared for the cooler weather. It usually does not snow in Atlanta, but there have been ice storms in recent years. Here are some items that you should pack for your winter vacation in Atlanta.

Lightweight Sweaters

The temperature might be warmer during the day and cooler at night. Bring lightweight sweaters so you can layer them when it gets cooler. You can remove the sweaters if you get too warm.


On days when the temperature reaches 30 degrees Fahrenheit or below, you will be glad that you packed a warm winter coat. Visitors from northern states in the U.S. are likely describe the coolness in Atlanta as chilly. Visitors from Florida or Hawaii, for example  should think about packing or buying a coat that is heavier than one they would normally wear in their home states.

Dresses and Skirts for the Ladies

Dresses and skirts are appropriate to wear during the winter months, particularly if you add a pair of tights on the coldest nights. Don’t be afraid to wear a strapless dress to a holiday party or other function, especially if you will be parking in lot close to the function. You can get away with wearing a glamorous dress with a coat and checking the coat once you are inside the venue.

Leave the shorts home during the winter months. It’s rare to see locals wearing shorts from November through January. Pack jeans and slacks. It’s not unheard of to wear thermal underwear on some of the coldest days in Atlanta.

Since it doesn’t normally snow, you do not have to wear snow boots, but you might want to pack shoes with good tread. The pavement might be icy in the mornings, and you’ll want to have some shoes with a good grip. If you plan to go hiking or walking in the park, you should definitely pack your hiking boots. You’ll probably see a lot of ladies wearing fashionable boots and jeans.

Hats and Gloves

Gloves and a hat are optional during Atlanta’s more frigid days. You’ll probably feel more comfortable wearing gloves while driving a rental. Wearing a hat will keep you warmer, but if you don’t have the room to bring one, you probably won’t miss it. Check the weather before you embark on your winter vacation to Atlanta, just in case.