Top Five Museums in Atlanta

What's New — By Claudine Williams on November 20, 2011 at 6:24 pm
The High Museum

Photo by Lee Coursey

From fine art museums to children’s museums, Atlanta celebrates the past, present and gives us a look into the future. Today’s museums are highly interactive. Although you might be warned to look at not touch some of the exhibits, you might find yourself participating in a play, smelling the flowers in gardens, or exploring a family farmhouse at these venues.

High Museum

The High Museum regularly features fine art exhibits from well-known artists including Warhol and Picasso. The museum also has films, lectures, and programs for teens. On Friday nights, the adults can gather and listen to the live jazz performances.  You can browse the permanent collections that range from 19th Century through contemporary art.  Learn about African, folk, American, and European artwork at the High Museum.

Fernbank Museum

If you enjoy like dinosaurs, you’ll love the Fernbank Museum . This natural history museum exhibits some of the largest dinosaurs in the world. Learn about prehistoric Georgia, including the types of dinosaurs that roamed the state. You’ll learn about modern Georgia, too. Have you ever been curious about the happenings inside the Okefenokee Swamp? You can learn all about the swamp at the Fernbank.

Imagine It! Children’s Museum

At the Imagine It! Children’s Museum, children can explore fairy tales and learn about stories from around the world. They can learn how foods make it from the farm to the dinner table, and younger children can learn about colors, and crawl over bridges and explore a musical instrument and toys in an interactive area.  Some of the exhibits are seasonal, so check the museum’s website before you go if you want to know exactly what’s available. Because most children love productions, you should bring your children to see the Imaginators, a troupe of actors with performances that encourage audience participation.

Atlanta History Center

Simply put, the Atlanta History Center has so many exhibits, that you should plan to spend at least a few hours there. Fans of historical homes, can tour the Swan House and the Smith Family Farm. The 33-acre estate is home to the Centennial Olympic Games museum, a library, research center, and the Margaret Mitchell House, which is not located on the main grounds.  Both locals and tourists visit the Atlanta History Center year round for festivals and lectures.

Apex Museum

The Apex celebrates the lives of African Americans. The exhibits include inventions from black inventors, artifacts from slavery, and a replica of a 1923 drug store, which was a fixture in the black community in Atlanta. This museum plays homage to some of the amazing contributions that people of color have made to society.