How to Ride Atlantic City’s Jitneys

Travel Tips — By melodymoser on August 25, 2010 at 11:24 pm

If you spend any time in Atlantic City, you’re probably wondering what those little blue buses are that zip back and forth along Pacific Avenue.  They’re called Jitneys, and they’re a fast, easy way to get around the city.

Meaning “nickel” in Old English, the word Jitney has stuck even though you’ll need to fork up $2.25 to ride one these days.  Still, that’s an inexpensive way to get around the city.  The Atlantic City Jitney Association was started in 1915 and is the longest running non-subsidized transit company in America.  It was one of many jitney associations that sprang up at the turn of the century.   In 1947, when the first jitney buses arrived in Atlantic City, they were large, black cars that used a rope and pulling system to open the back doors.  Today they are smaller, light blue minibuses that seat 13 passengers.

The jitneys run frequently 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Here’s a simple guide on how to ride them:

Jitney street sign

Jitney Street Sign


  • Jitney stops are located on the corner of every route
  • They originate one block from the Boardwalk on Pacific Avenue
  • Every sign located by each stop has color-coded numbers
  • For example, in the photo at left, you can see this sign is near the Hilton and Tropicana casinos and this stop is for  Routes #1 and #2

Payment System

  • Board the jitney when it stops
  • Hand over $2.25

How to Ride

  • There are four Jitney routes
  • The Pink Route (#1) travels from New Hampshire Avenue to Jackson Avenue, via Pacific Avenue
  • The Blue Route (#2) includes the Marina area , from Trump Marina and Harrah’s via Delaware Avenue to Pacific Avenue
  • The Green Route (#3)  also includes the Marina area as well as the Inlet , from Trump Marina and Harrah’s via Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. to the Inlet on Pacific Avenue
  • The Orange Route (#4)  goes from Jackson Avenue to Indiana Avenue, to Atlantic Avenue,  to Michigan to the Bus Terminal, new Convention Center & Train Station. The Orange route only runs from 7 am to 7 pm

An Atlantic City Jitney

An Atlantic City Jitney races down Pacific Avenue


  • Riding a jitney can be an adventure.  If you’ve got a weak heart, you might want to walk
  • Your driver might compete with the original NJ Transit buses — and with other jitneys — in a race to be the first to reach the next fare
  • Pretty much anything goes.  Your driver may be talking on the phone while he’s negotiating the streets and scouting for fares
  • It may be a wild ride, but relax and enjoy the experience

For more information, call 609-344-8642  or 877-92- TRAIN.

Images:  Adam E. Moreira, Wikimedia Commons, and Melody Moser.

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