Cheap Lunches in Auckland: the pie

Food — By Marie Szamborski on June 11, 2010 at 2:57 am

Pies, that good ol’ Kiwi favourite. Nobody would ever consider them health food but with hot fillings and flaky pastry they sure are comforting. Pair one of these with a nice refreshing ginger beer and you’ve got yourself a bargain lunch for around $5-$7 all up (That’s only $5US at most). Steak and cheese is probably the most popular, but don’t forget to check out the others. My personal favourite is the smoked fish. Vegetarians may have to search a bit harder but when you come across a chilli bean or a silverbeet (Swiss chard) and cheese, you’ll be thankful that you did.
NZ pie and ginger beer
Look for a glass pie warmer in cafes, lunch bars and dairies (small shops). If there are tongs and little brown bags next to it you just help yourself and pay at the till. A good place to start if you happen to be at the top of Queen Street near K’ Road is Peter’s Café, but get there before lunchtime for the widest selection. Carry your treasure across the road to Myers Park where you not only get to chill out in the sunshine, you also have a convenient place to brush the crumbs.

Other common pies:

pepper steak

steak and mushroom

mince and cheese (mince meaning hamburger meat, not dried fruit)

potato top (mince with mashed potato on top rather than pastry)

chicken and mushroom

[Photo courtesy of Marie Szamborski]

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