La Cigale French-Style Market

Food, Things to Do — By Marie Szamborski on December 31, 2010 at 4:35 pm

Right in the central city suburbs there is a lovely little market in which to spend a weekend morning. Most people just call it the “French Market” or the “Parnell Market”, but the official name comes from the attached bistro and shop known as La Cigale. The market is one that every Auckland foodie knows and can get a wee bit crowded on a sunny day, but never enough to be uncomfortable. Highlights include the cheese and pastry stalls as well as locally sourced veggies. If you are staying in self-catering accommodation, keep an eye out for local produce to try such as Maori potatoes or assorted New Zealand fruits.

As the market becomes quite busy by mid-morning, my suggestion is always to get your coffee and pastry before having a walk around the stalls. Of course, you may be sacrificing the first bargains of the day for pain au chocolate, but it’s your call. Another option is to have breakfast in one of the many good cafes in Parnell before heading down to the market. That way you can just carry your coffee with you and avoid the caffeine queue altogether. I still think you should grab a pastry to take away, however…but that’s just me.

Saturdays 8am to around 1.30pm

Sundays 9am to around 1.30pm

Take the Link Bus to Parnell Village and then walk down St. Georges Bay Road to the end. There is a map here.

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