Auckland’s Harbour Bridge and How to Enjoy it

Things to Do — By Marie Szamborski on January 8, 2011 at 6:08 am

It may not be as big as Sydney’s or as famous as San Francisco’s Golden Gate, but Auckland’s Harbour Bridge is a prominent part of the cityscape and we love it. It was opened in 1959  and 10 years later it was realised that more lanes were needed. Enter the “Nippon Clipons”, extra lanes that were added to either side of the bridge.  As Nippon is the Japanese word for Japan, and it was a Japanese company who won the contract to attach the lanes, the nickname has stuck. Unfortunately you can’t, as of yet, walk or cycle across the bridge of your own steam, however there are a few ways you can play on the bridge.

Drive across

Well, OK, this is obvious. But if you have a hire car or want to take a bus and it’s a sunny day, it’s quite nice to go across, spend the day on the North Shore, and then check out the lovely view of Auckland on the way back. You’ll note that the number of lanes may have changed since you made the journey in the morning. There is a very cool machine that drives along the bridge sucking up the barrier and then spitting it out again ina a new place to allow extra lanes at peak times. If youa re lucky enough to catch this it is quite interesting indeed, especially for geeks kids.

Walk along

You can walk along underneath an then on top with a group as a part of the Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb. Choose a good day, though as walks get cancelled if the weather is bad.

Jump off

Hey, this is New Zealand. Of course you can jump off the Harbour Bridge. I highly recommend you do it with a bungy attached to your leg, however. The folks at Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump can help you with that so that your 40 metre fall is a pleasant one.

Photo: Auckland Harbour Bridge by Mitchell_Hall on Flickr

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  • Vacanze Italia says:

    Vacanze Italia

    It is always fun to have a good time at the Aukland Harbour Bridge by whatever means u have, i mean by car, taking a walk or by a very exciting and heart throbbing bungy jumping. But the experience is too good to spend time there.


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