Auckland Aparthotels: An alternative to the hotel room

Hotels, Travel Tips — By Marie Szamborski on April 7, 2011 at 4:22 pm

I recently had my parents-in- law visiting and they wanted to be in the city, but were looking for a little more room than you’d usually get in a hotel because they were staying for quite a while. Plus, after travelling round Australia and New Zealand in cars and carrying food, plates and cutlery, blankets, and everything else you need to be self-sufficient on the road, they ended up with a lot of stuff. On a whim we booked them into an aparthotel, aka serviced apartment, that was offering a three-day discount (watch out for these!) and they loved it. They are retired, so when they come to New Zealand they come for a while and since we don’t have extra beds in our house to accommodate them, staying in a comfy room with a kitchenette and lounge area is the next best thing. Most also have Wi-fi but, as usual in New Zealand, check ahead if there is a charge for using it.

Quest is the biggest chain and they seem to have locations all over the city. They’ve got one right on the main drag or you can try a side street. Another chain is Waldorf , which are very popular. And then there are the one-offs such as Quay West Suites or Chifley.

So, if you want or need a little bit more space, Auckland’s aparthotels could be an option for you. You can begin your search with this handy dandy Top 10 list.

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