Artisan Food and Goods at Auckland’s Weekend Markets

Food, Things to Do — By Marie Szamborski on April 14, 2011 at 9:33 pm

New Zealand has seen a local market boom in recent years. Many of these new markets showcase the wonderful artisan food scene we’ve got going on down here. Auckland is lucky to have a few markets within its generous boundaries, but there are actually two right here in the city that are easily accessible without a car. One is known simply as the Auckland City Market and the other is theĀ La Cigalle French Market, more commonly known as just the French Market or the Parnell Market.

The Auckland City Market was once located in Aotea Square. During refurbishment of the square, most of the vendors ended up reconvening in what is now known as the Auckland City Market on nearby Elliot Street. It’s a stone’s throw from the Sky Tower or Queen Street. You can just ask around for Elliot Street and someone will point you in the right direction. This is more of a “stuff” market than a food one, and its compact size means you can just use it as a place to wake up with a coffee from a vendor while you gear up for that bungee jump or whatever else you have planned for the day.

La Cigalle French Market, named after the restaurant, is located in Parnell. Technically, you could walk there from the city center, but I’d highly recommend the Link Bus since it’s mostly uphill… a long hill. I like to have breakfast in a Parnell cafe and then head down for shopping and maybe even another coffee and pastry for elevenses. This is more of a produce market and there are a lot of good local foods to try.


Auckland City Market– Saturdays 10am- 6pm

La Cigalle French Market– Saturdays 8am- 1.30, Sundays 9am- 1.30


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