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Dear Visitor to Auckland,

It’s your friendly Auckland Local Expert here. I’ve written quite a bit about things to do in Auckland over the past year and I wanted to make sure that you haven’t missed anything good. Like if you are planning on visiting Auckland and you’ve got your favourite little monsters with you. You might want to look for a child-friendly place to stay, or since it’s now winter you might need some ideas for things to do when it is raining.

And then there is food. If you get hungry, you may start pondering the newest Kiwi tradition known as the weekend brunch. Or you might like to know what we eat when we are snackin’ hungry or in need of a cheap lunch. Or, perhaps you’d just like to peruse our lovely markets and check out our local produce. I’ll bet we’ve got some things you’ve never tried before.

Looking for things to do? Take your love out to Waiheke Island and have a posh dinner at Mudbrick where you can view Rangitoto and taste some fabulous wines. Or look at this list of alternative autumn activities. Not everyone needs to bungy off the bridge! Hey, maybe even just head out to a beach and chill. There is a beach to suit whatever interest you have. And, if this isn’t enough, you can always look through this list of Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Auckland.

Well, I hope these things can get you started in planning your stay in Auckland. Even just thinking about the foodie scene makese me happy I live here and I get to share this info with all of you. Do let me know if there is anything you want to know about Auckland!

Love from Auckland,

Marie at NileGuide


P.S. Have a great trip!


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