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Friday Photo: Chocolate fish

Friday Photo: Chocolate fish April 29, 2011 | Food | Read More
“You win a chocolate fish!” Heaps of Kiwi kids have grown up with this prize and even more of them have ventured into the local dairy (cornershop) to buy one…or many. It’s essentially marshmallow, white or pink, covered in milk chocolate in the shape of a fish. They are great...

Artisan Food and Goods at Auckland’s Weekend Markets

Artisan Food and Goods at Auckland’s Weekend Markets April 14, 2011 | Food, Things to Do | Read More
New Zealand has seen a local market boom in recent years. Many of these new markets showcase the wonderful artisan food scene we’ve got going on down here. Auckland is lucky to have a few markets within its generous boundaries, but there are actually two right here in the city that are easily...

5+ A Day:New Zealand Produce

5+ A Day:New Zealand Produce January 18, 2011 | Food | Read More
New Zealanders are taught in school that they should aim to eat five or more servings of fruit and veggies every day. Luckily we have a good variety to choose from in order to keep things interesting. New Zealand produce is, for the most part, GM free (non-genetically modified) and there are often organic...

La Cigale French-Style Market

La Cigale French-Style Market December 31, 2010 | Food, Things to Do | Read More
Right in the central city suburbs there is a lovely little market in which to spend a weekend morning. Most people just call it the “French Market” or the “Parnell Market”, but the official name comes from the attached bistro and shop known as La Cigale. The market is one that...

Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep July 9, 2010 | Food | Read More
Walking around in the CBD and find yourself in need of some quick energy? Head into a dairy or supermarket and check out a few of these local snacks. Not all of them are healthy and some of them are downright calorific. But the way to get into a culture is through the food, right? I’m mean, you’re...

July is for Foodies in Auckland

June 25, 2010 | Events, Food, What's New | Read More
July is shaping up to be a great month for foodies visiting Auckland with two events that give a glimpse into the food landscape of New Zealand. Opening this week is a special exhibition at The Auckland War Memorial Museum called “Kai to Pie” that looks fantastic. Being an avid foodie myself, you...
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