Concierge Picks at the Kimber Modern

What's New — By Alexi Ueltzen on March 24, 2010 at 12:05 am

The Kimber Modern: A bed and breakfast with sleek design. Fantastic amenities. Organic, local breakfast fare. And really, really good nightlife recommendations.

We had the opportunity to chat with not one, but two of the Kimber Modern management staff. Both Sarah and Kimber were full of places where visitors can find beer, wine and ambiance in their SoCo neighborhood…and beyond.

Where do you send visitors who are looking for a drink in the neighborhood?
Sarah: First we send them across the street to pretty much anywhere on south congress: Pelas, Techa. South Congress is full of great bars. In the South congress area, we basically say they can’t go wrong.
Kimber: Perlas is a Seafood restaurant. They have great oysters and wonderful outside seating. I’ve never sat at the bar there and had a drink however. I would recommend Vespaio, South Congress Cafe, Perlas, or Enotecca.

Where can people go for a good local vibe?
Sarah: If they don’t want to far and are looking to grab a beer, Doc’s Backyard, It’s outdoors, close and friendly. For wine, Cissi. Good selection, great atmosphere and it’s local; in fact, it’s owned by someone who lives in the neighborhood.
Kimber: Local vibe would be Continental Club. Great live music and 200 feet from the hotel. It’s an Austin icon and great for people watching. All walks of life hang out and listen to music at the Continental Club.

For a date?
Sarah: Definitely Vespiao; they have really delicious Italian food. The place is quaint, small, intimate.
Kimber: Vespaio would be a great date place. It’s the Italian restaurant. Good bar as well. A little noisy but definitely a must. Also Uchi which is my favorite restaurant in Austin. It’s about 2 miles away and definitely worth the trip. It’s fantastic.

What about for a girl’s night out?
Sarah: I can’t for the life of me remember the name, but it’s above small club, Malverde, and they’ve got a DJ every night. It’s a neat-looking space.
Kimber: Have not heard of Malverde. There’s another great bar/restaurant a little further away called Paggi House. It’s near the Long Center for the Performing Arts. Restaurant is very quiet and the bar is in a secluded solarium in the middle of the restaurant. They open the roof on nice evenings and it’s great.

Cocktails at the Paggi House

Guy’s night out?
Sarah: Man, anywhere in the second street district - the whole place is packed with bars.
Kimber: I agree on the second street area as well for everything. Lambert’s is an upscale barbeque place with live music upstairs. Great guy place. Also La Condesa – upscale Mexican and the building, decor, and drinks are great. They have an extensive specialty cocktail list. I think you would really like this restaurant a lot.

Lastly, where do you like to go for a drink?
Sarah: Eddie V’s: Great happy hour, with a live jazz band in the bar area. In fact, I only go to the bar area, not the restaurant at all. The whole place is fantastic – great staff, great everything.
Kimber: I agree with Eddie V’s, and a new restaurant downtown called Annie’s is good as well. It’s near Eddie V’s right on Congress Avenue. Finally, if you want to eat at a very quiet upscale French restaurant I highly recommend Aquarelle. It’s off 5th street about 3 miles away from the hotel.

[photos courtesy of Gideon Tsang, jdn, jessica mullen]