The Best Cultural Shows to See in Bali

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Since you’ve come all the way to Bali, it would be a shame to miss seeing a traditional Balinese entertainment show of some sort. The Balinese people are so gracious and hospitable, it almost seems as though visitors should pay respect to them and their culture by attending a live event.

Kecak Dancer Cliffside at Uluwatu, Bali

Many of the larger resort hotels around the island offer on-site entertainment like the Theme Night Dinner at the Discovery Kartika Plaza where you can enjoy live music, traditional Balinese dance, including a breath-taking fire dance which is actually an exorcism dance to prevent spirit possession.

Guests will be treated to Gamelan music and a Balinese dance performance, along with a dinner buffet at the outdoor amphitheater, The Balinese Theater, located at Ayodya Resort Bali in Nusa Dua. Gamelan music is a sort of abstract mixture of haunting cymbals, gongs, drums, and flutes.

The all-inclusive Melia Benoa in Nusa Dua offers a Theater-Dance Room that includes regular performances ranging from Kecak, Tektekan, and Legong Dance; Ramayana Ballet; Gamelan instruments; to a cabaret show and regular fashion shows. Dating back to the 1930’s, Kecak dancing is only performed by men and involves a repetitive combination of chanting, music, and dance. Tektekan is played with an arm-held musical bamboo drum while the most widely known form of Balinese dance, Legong Dance, is a highly feminine performance consisting of slow and steady movements.

Legong Dancer, Bali

Also in Nusa Dua, The Grand Hyatt Bali invites visitors to attend a cultural show at Pasar Senggol which is a combination restaurant, event venue, and shopping mecca; guests will be entertained with traditional Kecak dancing or a Ramayana ballet performance. The Nikko Bali Resort & Spa offers dinner and traditional Balinese dance performances nightly at their open-air Kupu-Kupu Amphitheatre; with less than 200 seats, everyone has a clear view of the action.

The Padma Resort Bali at Legian (formerly the Hotel Padma Bali) presents Indonesian Kecak dancing under torch-lit skies during their dinner and dance performance evenings. The Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel Resort & Spa offers nightly entertainment at their Rajapala Bar where they also have a Happy Hour every evening.

The Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa presents a Ramayana Ballet performance each Tuesday during their dinner theater event at the Budaya Cultural Theater. Ramayana dance is a classical re-enactment of a well revered Hindu Ramayan poem about the war between the god Rama and Rahwana, who stole Rama’s wife.

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