Sunset Drinks at Klapa Beach Club

Hotels, Things to Do — By ntjhin on May 26, 2011 at 6:18 am

The Klapa Beach Club is a one stop entertainment venue located in the DreamLand Beach area in Pecatu. The construction (or some say destruction) of DreamLand Beach was much criticized by various organizations and eco-conscious personalities. The area is the largest white sandy beach on the western Bukit Peninsula, and was a haven for surfers and beach-lovers. In 2008 however, plans went ahead to transform DreamLand Beach. Quaint beach-side warungs coupled with amazing waves and water so blue that it looks like magic was to be replaced into a development consisting of a golf-course, condominiums and hotels.

Fast forward a few years and the area is now ripe with the early seeds of tourism, with the Klapa Beach Club spear-heading the list of must-see attractions in South of Bali. Is this good or bad? Certainly, each sides of the argument can develop a strong case. The development makes the area more accessible to tourists, who now flocks to the area in droves every day. But at what cost? Gone are the natural beauty of DreamLand, and who can say what effect the destruction of natural cliffs and rocks can have in future?

What we can be sure however, is that Klapa Beach Club is an amazing place to spend the day. If you are looking for an activity to fill your day, this place can be that. The Klapa Beach Club itself hosts a medium-sized infinity swimming pool atop small cliff. You can enjoy your day lazing by the pool, or head on down to the beach. When you feel tired and hungry, Klapa Beach Club offers a wide range of food selections to try out. Recently a new menu is available, a seafood barbeque platter served from the top-most section of Klapa. While the food is nothing to shout about, the view is definitely stunning, and a great place to enjoy the sunset.

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