$50 a Day in Bali

Things to Do, Travel Tips — By ntjhin on July 19, 2011 at 11:00 am

The Island of Paradise is a popular travel destination, and as such you will find plenty of establishments trying to rip you off with over-the-top prices and hidden fees. ed3 But thankfully, the exchange rate is extremely favorable towards the US dollar. Here we’ve laid out a no-frills itinerary that will cost you not a single cent more than $50 for the whole day.

Breakfast at Warung Made – $5
Warung Made serves unpretentious Balinese food at a very budget-friendly price. Recently, their menu has expanded to include Western, Italian, and even Japanese food. But we suggest sticking to their good local homemade food. Try the popular 1/2 Nasi Goreng 1/2 Gado Gado, a combination of fried rice mixed with Indonesian salad with peanut sauce, or the ever-popular Nasi Campur Bali (Balinese Mixed Rice).

Relaxing at Kuta Beach – Free
Kuta Beach is the heart of Bali’s tourist scene. This area was one of the earliest developed for tourism, and it shows – spending some time here is unlike any other part of Bali. You’ll find a mixture of foreign tourists, with locals offering all kinds of services from tours to massages to hand-crafted local goods. The beach itself is decent, but nothing to shout about. What it does have, however, is a great atmosphere of hustle and bustle, as well as a diverse crowd to mingle with.

Lunch at Dulang Cafe – $10
After spending your morning at the beach, head towards nearby Dulang Cafe to sit back, relax, and enjoy a hearty lunch. Dulang Cafe serves traditional Indonesian food, with the highlight being the savory Sop Buntut: oxtail soup served with a bowl of white rice. Along with it, enjoy a glass of refreshing Teh Botol to rejuvenate your body for the upcoming day.

Massage Session at Lemon Tree Spa – $15
Refresh your tired muscles with a soothing two-hour massage therapy at Lemon Tree Spa. There are numerous places in the Kuta area to enjoy a cheap massage, but Lemon Tree Spa is without a doubt one of the best in terms of value and services offered. The place is nothing fancy, but the massage service is exceptional. You’ll find yourself lost in hours of bliss as the therapist goes to work on your tired muscles and joints.

Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe – $15
Enjoy a rocking dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, where you can indulge in various Western foods, like ribs and steaks. Hard Rock Cafe is also a popular hangout, with a live band performing cover songs from various popular artists. Occasionally there will be an additional cover charge due to a special performance or event, but they are usually worth it. This is also a great place to start the night out, sipping a bottle of Bir Bintang as you enjoy nostalgic renditions of famous rockers.

Partying Out on the Streets of Kuta – $5
As the night goes on head out towards the streets of Kuta and Legian to enjoy a rocking party atmosphere. Grab yourself a bottle of Bintang or two as you mix and mingle with the crowd and hop from one spot to another.