Layover in Bali

Things to Do, Travel Tips — By ntjhin on September 28, 2011 at 8:30 am

Photo credit - William Cho

There are plenty of reasons to spend more than a day in Bali. However, there are times when things does not go to plan, and you are left with just a few hours in the Island of the Gods. Fortunately, there are several places located within short distance to the airport, so your layover in Bali need not be a boring and strenuous wait!

Joger is a Balinese institution, a quirky shop selling various t-shirt and souvenirs unique to Bali. Each of their products feature a humorous wordplay, with a stylish design and superior quality of products. Their products are only available at this one original shop in Bali, so they make for an excellent souvenir or gifts for friends and relatives back home. The Joger shop is located just approximately 30 minutes away from the airport, so you can quickly head in for a short time before heading back out to the airport.

Nasi Pedas
Within walking distance from Joger is a humble street-side warung called Nasi Pedas, which sells mixed rice and various meats and vegetables. Nasi Pedas means Spicy Rice in Indonesia, so be warned that the majority of dishes found here will give you a good spicy burning on your tongue. The dishes are all affordably cheap, and once you get used to the spiciness you will understand why local tourists from all over the country craves for Nasi Pedas whenever they visit Bali.

Galleria DFS
Approximately 20 minutes away from the airport is Galleria Duty Free Shop, which boasts a good selection of wines, alcohols, watches, jewelries, perfumes and more for those shopper looking for a familiar brand and a good deal. Be sure to find out just how much alcohol you can bring back to your home country, as there may be limits to that.

If you are pressed for time, you can always look for a foot massage reflexology around the area to relax and unwind for a quick 30 to 45 minutes. There is even a reflexology center inside the airport itself, although the prices are naturally more expensive compared to a similar treatment outside the airport.