Snow storm tips

Whats New — By Tawanna Browne Smith on January 30, 2011 at 11:06 pm

In light of the recent snow madness in the Baltimore area, I thought I’d lend a few snow storm survival tips. With a few more months left in winter and ample opportunity for more wintry weather “fun”, it’s helpful to have a game plan to avoid mistakes of the past. Travelers to the area (and those with a short term memory) may find some useful information here.

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  1. As soon as you hear word of an impeding storm, don’t underestimate it. It’s always best to be cautious than “caught out there”.
  2. If you’re visiting, you may want to cut your trip short, reschedule and get out of dodge. There’s nothing worse than to be stuck in a place where you have limited familiarity and resources.
  3. Don’t put anything off until tomorrow. As early as you can get to the store or the post office, prior to the storm, handle your business and take care of your shopping needs. Overflowing mail boxes in the aftermath increase the risks of your mail being lost or delayed. Remember Murphy’s Law? That all important document that needs to be somewhere in a certain amount of time will surely be delayed.
  4. Shop for the essentials and a little more. Be sure to stock up on your water, fruit, eggs, bread, etc. but don’t overlook things like nuts, dried fruit, cereal bars, deli meat, and anything else that may be grab-able. In case you have to leave your home, you want to be able to easily stow away portable eats.
  5. Fill up your gas tank. Heavy snow will delay tankers and may result in a gas shortage in the storm’s aftermath.
  6. If you are transporting kids, as a rule, it’s always smart to have some snacks stowed away in the car. However, when the weather is less than delightful, this is a must. And you can never have too much!  Snacking kids are calm, quiet kids.
  7. Check that all your flashlights are working and that you have extra batteries for them just in case.
  8. Program the nearest hotel in your cell phone’s speed dial in case you have to leave your home because of power outages. If you have children, you may want to book a room as soon as your power goes out so that you’re not left facing “No Vacancy” signs when you realize help won’t be on the way for a while.
  9. Salt doesn’t go bad, so it’s always prudent to have a few bags of it on hand.
  10. Don’t wait to empty your trash. It may seem trivial but in a crunch, it’ll be the last thing that you’ll think about when you evacuate and the first thing you’ll remember when you return.

If you have some other tips to share or emergency essentials, please add them in the comments below. Whether it’s snow storms, rain storms, heat waves or floods, having a contingency plan in place can better prepare you for the worst.

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