What to Pack for Winter in Baltimore

Travel Tips — By Tawanna Browne Smith on October 28, 2011 at 3:31 am

Mid-Atlantic winters can get pretty cold so if you’re planning a trip to Baltimore this winter make sure to pack everything that you need to stay warm and dry. Warm coats and scarves with hats and gloves are a must but that doesn’t mean that you have to look like a snow man to stay warm.


With lots of really stylish parkas and ski jackets available at affordable prices, even if you come from a warmer climate you can still get great use out of one after it keeps you warm on your trip to the east coast.

One of the best things about winter is the fashion sense you have to develop in order to stay warm and look cute at the same time. Accessories like hats, scarves, and ear muffs serve dual purposes: warm gear and outfit enhancer.

We lose 90% of our body heat through our head, so a warm hat is an absolute essential for cold winter days. Yes, the Cossack style hat with ear flaps looks a little nerdy but it’s probably the warmest hat ever made. What better way to make your own fashion statement?

Ear muffs are another handy thing to take on a trip to Baltimore in the winter, especially if you can’t bring yourself to wear a Cossack hat. Fluffy warm ear muffs  are a head’s second best friend. They come in lots of cool styles and colors – from  the ostentatious, like hot pink fluffy ear muffs, to the the sleek, like a more conservative black pair of ear muffs.

Also vital is a good thick scarf, cashmere is a girl’s best friend. It’s light soft texture, keeps you warmer than most wools and synthetics. Like one’s hat, a scarf can be a personal expression and an opportunity to add color to your winter outfit.

Keeping your hands warm is vital, so make sure that your choice of a winter jacket has good, warm, deep pockets and take a good pair of gloves. Ski gloves are good in a pinch but you will really thank yourself if you invest in a pair of fleece lined leather or kid skin gloves because you won’t have to sacrifice your dexterity for warmth.

One thing that most people from warmer climates might forget is to take a pair of waterproof shoes or galoshes to protect your shoes. Snow may look beautiful at first but it quickly turns to slush and can ruin a good pair of shoes and freeze a toe or two.

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