Top 5 Museums in Baltimore

Things to Do — By Tawanna Browne Smith on November 30, 2011 at 3:22 am

One of the great characteristics about Baltimore is the diversity in its collection of museums. The city boasts well over 50 museums ranging from the traditional art museum with large collections and galleries such as the The Walters Art Museum to the smaller museums covering specific subjects or people like the B&O Railroad Museum. Most of the city’s museums do not allow physical contact with their collections as is the case with the Baltimore Museum of Art, however, several are interactive and encourage hands-on viewing, perfect for kids, like Port Discovery Children’s Museum.

American Visionary Art Museum

Deciding which museum to attend all depends on what you’re in the mood to explore and gain a deeper historical understanding of as it pertains to the subject. Baltimore offers it all whether it be dentistry, science, the railroads, maritime history, Edgar Allen Poe, sports legends, the American flag, lacrosse, military history, African Americans, pop culture, or women’s heritage.

The top 5 museums in Baltimore offer a variety for both young and old explorers interested in either more general collections, child-friendly exhibits, or more abstract creations.

  • The Walters Art Museum – a public museum with a large collection of artifacts from ancient Egypt, Greece, Nubia, Rome, and the Near East.
  • B&O Railroad Museum - a museum that displays 19th century railroad locomotives, equipment, and artifacts.
  • American Visionary Art Museum – a museum that houses a collection of bizarre, unique and innovative pieces created by untrained (formally) hands.


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