Best Wine Bars in Baltimore

Nightlife — By Tawanna Browne Smith on December 23, 2011 at 10:31 am

In the past ten years, Baltimore has seen a rapid expansion in wine bars through its streets. Catering to the desires of patrons looking for a more refined drinking experience, outside of the emblematic pubs that the city is known for, the wine bar scene has steadily grown in popularity.

V-No WIne Bar, Photo Courtesy of T. Browne Smith

What makes wine bars so appealing, besides their sophisticated cool factor, is the accessibility and affordability of wines that were typically enjoyed only by the bottle. The ability to try a wine before you buy it, or simply enjoy a wide selection of wines by the glass, has opened new worlds to neophytes and average wine enthusiasts. Gone are the days where one need be a sommelier to enjoy a glass of reserve.

Photo Courtesy of T. Browne Smith

The best wine bars in Baltimore are as varied as their selections and come in the form of either stand-alone establishments, such as V-No, or restaurant extensions, as is the case of Cinghiale. Many of the wine bars’ menus change weekly and they offer vast selections of distinct and unique wines. Stand-alone establishments like Grand Cru will also offer small plates and tastings whereas hybrids like Metropolitan offer coffee to boot. Whichever of these wine bars you choose in Baltimore, both your glass and your experience will be full.

  • Grand Cru – 527 E Belvedere Ave
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